• Deep bold pieces handmade in Zanzibar for Danaqa.

    Merging craftsmanship, ethical production, highquality inputs and stunning design into a stunning new range. Shop here!

  • New range of handpainted leather bags

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  • Danaqa World Chic

    Ethical, Global, Luxurious and Packed with Stories

    The Danaqa proposition is to showcase the connection between the developing world and luxury design. At Danaqa you can buy beautiful personal or household accessories, designed and made by amazing people, ethically, by hand, for you.

    One of "London's best ethical shops and boutiques - best for leather bags and striking jewellery" (The Telegraph)

    Unique creations and an experience beyond luxury can be expected.

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  • Our New Home

    We've moved! Come see us here

    We have not gone far (just done the Portobello Road), so pop in and say hello

    New Home

    Our new shop address is Unit 23, 281 Portobello Road, W10 5TZ. The shop is full of all our lovely, ethical Danaqa goodies.

    Come and see us (and sorry, the location page on this site is wrong... we will fix it!)

  • New necklace modelled by a new model! No prizes for naming the model, lots of prizes for guessing the reimbursement asked for...For all Danaqa news Like us on Facebook

  • Large Bag with Ring, Black
  • Square Bag with Bracelet, Light Brown & Brass
  • Leather Flowers Clutch, Light Grey
  • Long  Leather and Glass Bead Clutch
  • Kindle/ipad mini pouch  - Red
  • Kindle/ipad mini pouch  - black
  • Sheer Silk/Cotton Shawl, Pink
  • Sheer Silk/Cotton Shawl, Natural
  • Batik Silk Shawl, Pink/Brown
  • Batik Silk Shawl, Orange Dots
  • Cotton Batik Shawl 2
  • Cotton Batik Shawl
  • Organic Cotton and Raw Silk Shawl (merlot)
  • Leather Flowers Bracelet, Dark Grey
  • Leather Flowers Bracelet, Light Grey
  • Ebony Ball, Sterling Silver and Tanzanite Necklace
  • Ebony, Tanzanite and Silver Stick Pendent
  • Ebony, Tanzanite and Sterling Silver Bracelet
  • Ostrich Eggshell Arrow Earrings
  • Ostrich Eggshell Diamond Shaped Earrings
  • Tanzanite, Sterling Silver and Rubber Bracelet
  • Triangle Ebony, Tanzanite Pendent
  • Chunky Glass Necklace
  • Multistrand Leather/Silver Necklace - Orange
  • Cleaved Neck Triangular Copper Vase
  • Oval Copper Vase, Large
  • Oval Copper Vase, Small
  • Tall Copper Candlestick
  • Ceramic men
  • Striped Stainless Steel Vase, Large
  • Striped Stainless Steel Vase, Small
  • Grooved Stainless Steel Vase, Small
  • Long Stainless Steel Tray
  • 50/50 Pleated Cushion Cover, Blue
  • Cushion Cover with River, Pink
  • Cusion Cover with River, Blue
  • Narrow Cushion Cover, Blue
  • 50/50 Pleated Cushion Cover, Pink
  • Narrow Cushion Cover, Pink
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