Its in the design...

Work at Danaqa often requires switching my brain from one subject to another quickly. In any given period of time I can be writing to a talented young Ethiopian designer, writing a donor report for a consultancy project and thinking about accounts. 

The last two weeks have involved the mental gymnastics of thinking about design in a range of different ways, often at the same time. 

  • We have redesigned our website (welcome) - hopefully improving how it looks, feels and works;
  • We have been working on new designs for products for Winter/Christmas seasons;
  • We have been designing workshops that we will facilitate;
  • We have designed processes to help women's producers in the caribbean market their products better;
  • We have been discussing the design of android apps to improve farmers access to inputs.

The word has been the same, and the way that we have thought about design has been consistent, but depending on the audience, what they understand by design is different. 

We hope you like the design of our new website: whatever that means to you...