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About Danaqa

Danaqa as a Retail Concept

Danaqa will be selling personal and household accessories, including jewelry, handbags, belts and scarves as well as cushion covers, table runners and napkins, vases and bedspreads. Danaqa will offer bespoke luxury products inspired, designed and made in the developing world, supporting its growth and future. Unique creations and an experience beyond luxury can be expected. Danaqa is attitudinal in approach, appealing to women and men from 25-55+.

Danaqa will have a physical shop space and online sales facility located at

Supporting Social Consciousness

The Danaqa proposition is to showcase the connection between the developing world and luxury design. The core of the Danaqa brand is the synergy between a quality product, its inspiring story and the developing world. Danaqa is hoping to have a recognised connection between luxury and social conscience- a new lifestyle choice.

We want to redefine ethical luxury

  • Beyond a ‘charity’ mindset
  • Beyond simply fair trade and raw material based sourcing
  • Recognising and exposing less known talent and design

It will occupy a unique position in the retail market with a strong background story and way of engaging with customers. Telling the story of the people behind the products and representing and developing the skills, design and personality behind the products is an important part of Danaqa’s mission.

The Places and Faces of Danaqa

What comes to mind when you think of Ethiopia, Rwanda or Botswana? Our experience has shown us that it is unfortunately not always positive- and the same for Sri Lanka and Nepal. But despite the wars, diseases and other problems ravaging these countries- we believe, actually know, that they have so much more to offer. These Danaqa places have amazing people, using wonderful traditions, skills, designs, and materials to create products that will make you pleasantly surprised.