Facilitation and Engagement

Danaqa has a wealth of experience in stakeholder engagement, participation processes and process facilitation. Danaqa has worked with a range of research, international development agencies on a range of processes from workshops to long term projects. Danaqa uses a non-prescriptive and solution oriented approach to facilitation and engagement with a commitment to working with partners with engaging, innovative tools.  


Understanding Bias and HEURISTICS - People are different

One of the main challenges that Danaqa faces when facilitating processes is understanding how different people react to different situations. We all participate in processes, absorb information and think about solutions in different ways.  During most multi-stakeholder processes it is important to create an environment and utilise tools that appreciate natural biases and inclinations, rather than confronting them. Understanding these differences and designing processes that provide a voice to different people is a core to our understanding of good engagement. 

Solution Orientated Facilitation

Designing processes that work towards solving problems is a priority for us.  When we meet with project managers to talk through processes, the pathway to a solution is the priority. Each event or process begins with planning a clear direction to creating solutions and outcomes. Knowledge sharing and engagement tools are identified that work along the pathway to solutions, with each step oriented to get closer to the desired result. 

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Partners and ProcessesS

Danaqa has been involved with facilitating and managing multi-stakeholder engagement processes in four continents, with a wide range of partners including (but not limited to):

  • The Caribbean Development Bank - working on a high level community investigating integrating gender and trade
  • The Centre for International Forestry Research (CIFOR) - working on core engagement policy and facilitation of the Annual Meeting
  • The Global Landscape Forum (GLF) - leading engagement and facilitation at high level forums in London and in late 2016 Morocco. 
  • CTA/EU - designing and facilitating a series of workshops investigating "climate solutions that work for farmers"

Other partners include: Imperial College, Caribbean Network of Rural Women Producers, IICA, WFP

For more information please contact David Thomas at [email protected] or on +33638260190