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Large Bag with Ring, Black
This large bag utilises soft and subtle Ethiopian leather, with traditional Ethiopian tribal jewellery and Ethiopian craftsmanship to create an amazing large, sophisticated bag - with zip pocket.
Price: £210.00

MATERIAL:100% Leather, Cotton lined

Mela merges a unique understanding of the local materials available with the passion of craftswomen, committed to modern design. Mela works with the best craftsmen, with high quality, Ethiopian inputs to create beautiful products.

The leather, which is so important to Mela’s creations, is a by-product of small scale farmers producing goats, sheep and cows for consumption. Mela combines this leather with jewellery pieces sourced sustainably from tribes people supplementing their income through the creation and sale of jewellery. This allows them to invest in their communities and access micro-finance so that they can sustainably grow their businesses.

Mela products deal directly with the negative reputation that a history of famine and drought appeal has built for Ethiopia, by producing high quality, beautiful, highly skilled products.

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