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Batik Silk Shawl, Pink/Brown
Utilising a wonderful community based supply chain of dyers, batik experts and seamstresses, Acshula creates wonderfully designed bold Batik shawls. The shawls are the perfect complement to an elegant evening out, or a bold addition to a days wear. 14
List Price: £85.00
Price: £63.75
You Save: 25.00%

MATERIAL: 100% Silk
SUPPLIER: Acushula

Acushula’s mission is to perfectly combine modern elegance and ethical processing. Acushula provides employment, skills and consistent incomes for the women of Colombo slum areas, to create boldly designed outputs.

As urban poverty is different to rural poverty, the way that it can be alleviated is different. In urban centres access to a regular income is vital to families getting out of poverty, and skills are important for a good, regular income.

Acushula’s focus on high quality design, skills and products are invaluable to the women who are trained and work for the company.

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