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Danaqa Shop

Ostrich Eggshell 7 Hoop Necklace
Taking traditional skills from the bushmen of the Kalahari and adding modern, innovative twists the 7 hoop necklace is a spectacular, bold statement of beauty and ethics.
Price: £375.00

MATERIAL: 100% Ostrich Eggshell

One Fine Thread

One Fine Thread aims for something beyond just beautiful jewellry. The goal is to create awareness of the San Bushmen’s plight through the storytelling traditions connected to their arts and crafts, whilst creating a sustainable business for the tribe.

The San Bushmen are hunter gather tribe from southern Africa. Many bushmen, despite numerous modernisation efforts live in poverty, and struggle to access basic social-services and employment.

The collection of ostrich egg-shell jewellery encompasses a holistic, creative livelihood. The ostrich eggs are eaten, providing key proteins to the family, with the egg shell being used firstly as a water carrier and then to create the jewellery.

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