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Chunky Glass Necklace
Salems Classic adjustable chokers mix a combination of old, new recycled and handmade beads from Africa into stylish, understated elegent necklaces that can be worn at any length and for any occasion.
Price: £50.00

MATERIAL:Glass, Resin and Brass Beads

Salem Design

Salem Design mixes beads, pendants, crosses and stories from throughout Africa to create unique, luxury jewellery. It aims to illustrate how a merging of Ethiopia’s diverse cultures, put together lovingly by hand in Addis Ababa, can deliver African Chic.

Every piece of Salem Design Jewellery holds an African story, weaving together the craftspeople with the significance of the regional designs and individual beads. It provides a positive, inspirational experience for young women craftsmen in Ethiopia.

Salem trains jewellery makers, weavers, and basket makers to ensure sustainable incomes, for highly trained women, offering them continuous and long-term employment. This supports development since women in Ethiopia tend to redistribute, save and manage incomes better than men, ensuring more benefit for families and communities.

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