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Leather Flowers Clutch, Light Grey
The Rosa Abyssinica clutch is simple, but elegant and displaying wonderful craftsmanship and design in creating this small, handcarried bag.15cm x 27cm
Price: £40.00

MATERIAL:100% Leather, Satin Lining.

Rosa Abyssinica

Rosa Abyssinica creates individually designed, hand-cut and carefully assembled products to reflect the beauty of natural 100% Ethiopian resources. It specifically aims to employ and empower female artisans and offers authentic products that feed directly into the local and national economy.

40% of women in Ethiopia aged between 16 and 25 are unemployed in Ethiopia. Despite numerous charities and NGOs working in the country over 30% of all women still lack access to employment and skills. By creating skills, employment and economic opportunities for women in Ethiopia, Rosa Abyssinica is benefiting whole family units.

The leather, which is so important to Rosa Abyssinica’s creations, is a by-product of small scale farmers producing goats, sheep and cows for consumption. There is no animal breeding in Ethiopia purely for the leather. So Rosa Abyssinica is allowing women to supplement traditional livelihoods and improve the economy for the whole community.

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