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Tiger's Eye Necklace
Mixing tiger's eye pentangon shaped beads, with stainless steel pieces to create a simple, beautiful, single strand necklace.
Price: £125.00

MATERIAL: Tiger's Eye Gemstone


Cantaloup works with the women of Thunukkai - a livelhoods project working in the North of Sri Lanka to develop long lasting skills within the communities. Together they produce and market beautiful beaded jewellery that is 100% Sri Lankan.

The north of Sri Lanka was one of the areas worst affected by the 2004 Boxing Day tsunami, and has been at the centre of the civil war affecting the island for nearly 30 years. Women and communities in the area have taken a large toll from the war and tsunami, and rebuilding livelihoods and opportunities there is very important.

By focusing on high quality skills for women in Thunukkai, Cantaloup is hoping to have a lasting impact on the community, and ensure that livelihoods improve for the community.

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