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Danaqa Shop

Kitenge Multi-use Day Bag, Light Spirals
Can be used as a clutch, shoulder bag or carried, the kitenge cloth finish is fun and bold with the bag is designed to fit into whatever activities you may have in a day.40cm wide x 45cm tall - unfolded
Price: £90.00

MATERIAL:Cotton, 100% Leather Lining

Taya Maxey

Taya Maxey uses a mixture of contemporary design, bold, 100% locally sourced inputs and the indigenous skills from cooperatives of craftsmen from throughout Rwanda to make beautiful creations, which are unique and fabulous.

By focusing on cooperatives Taya Maxey ensures that incomes are spread equitably within craftsmen, leaving as much value within economies as possible. From sourcing inputs, to the craftsmanship of finishing, Taya Maxey utilises skill and expertise that is uniquely Rwandan and drawn from across the country.

Rwanda is still trying to develop out of the tragedy of the 1994 genocide. Whilst the government has promoted development through pushing higher technology development, there is still a need to continue to improve livelihoods, income levels and skills throughout the population – and craftspeople rarely, if ever, have the opportunity to showcase their goods on a world stage.

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