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Striped Stainless Steel Vase, Large
Handbeaten stainless steel vase, which can be used as a stunning table centrepiece. The vase is made by skilled communities in Sri Lanka, combining quality with a positive community mission. 30cm x 12cm
Price: £65.00

MATERIAL: Stainless Steel


Barefoot products are handmade using natural yarns that have been dyed and woven by hand. All materials including dyes are safe and eco-friendly. The craft skills at Barefoot are timeless. Their quality is remarkable, because the methods are.

Only 38% of women in Sri Lanka participate in the workforce, and encouraging more women to become engaged in skilled labour is key to improving the sustainable economic development of the Island. Barefoot creates long term relationships with low-income women and men craftsmen and promotes eco-friendly production.

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