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In the press

Below are the a selection of publications that have featured Danaqa and some of our stories.  Not all outlets that have featured Danaqa are below. If you would like more information about Danaqa, our products, suppliers and ethos, simply e-mail This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


Recent online and print publications

The Telegraph Online - London's Best Ethical Shops (Dec 2011)



"Best for: beautiful leather handbags and striking jewellery with a story to tell"


World of Interiors - Copper Candlestick (Dec 2011)

Danaqa feature in WOI

Danaqa 'Tall Copper Candlestick' product featured in Dec 2011 World of Interiors

Six magazine - Danaqa Store (Oct 2011)

Danaqa shop and goatskin bag featured on page 24

The AW11 collection focuses on handwoven natural fabrics, soft leathers, locally sourced metals and bold colour palettes unique to the brands environment. Favourites include the Goatskin, Kitenge Cloth Lined Multi-purpose Day Bag...



The Financial Times - How to Spend it (Sept 2011)!/articles/5480-van-der-postings-danaqa-tribal-goods!/articles/5480-van-der-postings-danaqa-tribal-goods!/articles/5480-van-der-postings-danaqa-tribal-goods


Danaqa belt featured in the Financial Times - A Passion for Fashion, How to Spend it.

Danaqa is a newish boutique that sells products made in some of the worlds poorest countries - Rwanda, Nepal, Ethiopia - Bang on trend are the highly coloured embroidered belts...



My Passport To Style - Interview with Nadia Manning-Thomas (Sept 2011)








My Passport to Style has an interview with one of our founders - Nadia

Nadia-I guess one of the proudest moments was the day we opened the doors to our shop with beautiful ethical stock and our beautiful sign outside. It made our whole dream become a reality.


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