Danaqa international Development Projects

One of the elements that make Danaqa a unique company is our merging of sales and retailing of ethical produce with international development consultancy work with the producers and beneficiaries that have the potential to produce high quality, exportable produce.  This merger allows us to work from early stages with producers and maximise our learning in the market.

Danaqa Ltd and Danaqa's founders work on a series of projects working to improve market access and economic empowerment of small producers in developing countries

Some of the projects that Danaqa has been directly involves with include:

CANROP - Market Access DRiven Communications and PR Development

The Caribbean Network of Rural Women Producers (CANROP) has been following a pathway to improve its communications and marketing skills through a series of workshops and trainings.  The outputs of this plan has resulted in the development of a clear and focused Communications and PR strategy for the networks, as well as the adoption and use of new tools for communicating.  

Danaqa has been working with CANROP along this process providing trainings and capacity assistance, tools and developing communications content for CANROP.  With the support of IICA and CTA, Danaqa is working to increase awareness, market access, and access to resource for CANROP and its members as well as improve internal communication.

See our work with CANROP at www.CANROP.com


Integrating Gender and Trade in The caribbean

To further our interaction with CANROP and the Caribbean Region, Danaqa played a key role in assisting and facilitating a workshop run by the Caribbean Development Bank on greater integrating gender and trade.  Danaqa presented on the role of niche products, industries and women's groups in increasing women's role in trade.  Representatives from governments throughout the Caribbean developed gained a greater understanding of the positive role greater gender inclusion can having in boosting trade. Participants generated real projects to further this aim through the workshop. 

Read more about the workshop here:



Danaqa undertakes a range of facilitation and workshop activities for partners looking for innovative ways for stakeholders to interact and innovate.  Danaqa facilitates processes to engage multiple stakeholders to either make key decisions or to undertake key learning.  Danaqa uses a range of experts to facilitate learning and development of dialogues.  This work has involved working with research, donor, international development and government agencies, as well as producers and entrepreneurs.

Home Grown School Feeding

David Thomas - Danaqa Founder and Director - has been working with Imperial College and the Partnership of Child Development working on home grown school meal provision in east Africa.  The work has sort to provide a business perspective to efforts looking at integrating local agriculture production to the provision of school meals. 

Key outputs produced by David include

  • Costing Analysis of School Health and Nutrition Programmes: ESHI Case study
  • Technical Development Plan for Home Grown School Feeding - Zanzibar (leading to programme launch)


An eVoucher being issued 

An eVoucher being issued 

EVoucher Programme for Input Supply - Ethiopia

Small holder producers having greater access to inputs is a key to their improved income. Danaqa has worked with the Agriculture Transformation Agency and Apposit LLC to develop change management materials for an electronic voucher system for purchasing vouchers.  The system provides improved access for thousands of farmers and small producers to agriculture inputs using mobile  and near field communication technology.  

Danaqa developed the training and change management materials and process for the project which is expanding to multiple regions and thousands of farmers in Ethiopia.  The impact of the scheme in improving market access to a wide number of farmers is enormous.

For more Information - Our Directors Involved

David Thomas - [email protected]

Alessandro Conticini - [email protected]